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I was previously a manager at a company that loves to talk about how diverse and women-friendly they are. It’s hard for me to believe that because my experience was such the opposite. This is a story from this previous job. At this point in my career, I was a manager, I had worked there for 5 years, and I was, or so I thought, a valued member of my organization.

Hostile Work Environment

One day this older, white, male manager (let’s call him D) randomly sent me an email complaining that my team wasn’t doing good work and wasn’t complying with the…

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Bucket Watchdog is one of the codeless integrations offered in the Initial State Integration Marketplace. It has the ability to monitor the number of events your bucket has received during a designated time period. You can then set a trigger on the event counts reported and know immediately if a device has stopped sending data.

It may not seem as flashy as Weatherstack Weather or as cool as Cryptocurrency, but it has the potential to be the most powerful integration if used correctly. …

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Soil Moisture Sensors Keep Your Plants Alive! — Git Tech’d

Every good plant mom (or dad) knows there are two important things to keep your indoor plants alive: light and water. The balance of getting the right amount of these two things is like walking a tight rope. As the type of millennial who accidentally kills succulents on the regular, I needed to find a way to keep my plants alive.

I like to add technology to all aspects of my life, so I thought how can I monitor my plants so I stop killing them? I’ve written tutorials about…

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It’s summer time and for some of us that means sunshine, outdoors, and water. If you are lucky enough to live near an ocean or lake and you are a boat owner, that can also mean that it’s boat time.

During the summer months it is much easier to monitor your boat because you are always on it. What happens when summer ends and you need a way to make sure things are sitting smoothly while you are away? Some boat monitoring systems can run you thousands of dollars and be a pain to install. …

Students from BGA High School Prototype School Security Solution

School safety is on everyone’s mind but no one more than students. They are the ones who go to school every day and have to consider what might happen if an intruder enters their campus. This is something Amy Yarbrough, former student at Battle Ground Academy in Franklin, TN, has given a lot of thought to. After writing a paper on the ethics of teachers carrying handguns, Amy brainstormed better ways to make their school safer.

BGA has an entrepreneurship class that teaches students about local businesses and allows them to…

My favorite thing to lament on when looking back at my time in high school or middle school is that I didn’t learn enough skills I could use as an adult in the real world. They never taught me how to do my taxes or how marketing works or how to budget money. Sure I learned things like geometry and chemistry and literature but I always wished high school had prepared me more for college and life in general.

A trend I’ve seen in schools lately is entrepreneur classes. The students can learn about how businesses work and in some…

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